More Bad News for Pro-SSM Forces in NY


In City Hall News (emphasis added):

Gay marriage advocates hope to regain their momentum in Albany this week after a series of hard knocks, but some of their allies have begun to wonder whether the string of bad news was more than just coincidence.

They are looking for signs of a coordinated effort behind their recent setbacks, which have seemingly trimmed the chances that any Republican senators might break ranks and join with Democrats to pass a same-sex marriage bill before the session ends June 20.

Mark Grisanti and Andrew Lanza — Republican senators considered potential swing votes — said last week they remain opposed. Brooklyn GOP Senator Marty Golden introduced an anti-gay-marriage bill just two days after his ally, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, trekked to Albany to lobby for Republican support for marriage. And Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long said opposing gay marriage will be a litmus test for the party’s endorsement in 2012. . .

Still, some allies see little prospect that any mayor, movie star or athlete will be enough to counter the effect the Conservative Party line has on Republicans in swing districts.

“There doesn’t need to be a whole coordinated effort when the numbers just aren’t there,” said one. “If Mike Bloomberg can guarantee 9,000 extra votes on the Republican line to make up for the 9,000 votes on the Conservative line, well, okay, then.