In Australia, Christian Group Says Pro-SSM Rally Attacked Them


UPDATE: "Pro-SSM Rally Attendee Acknowledges Attack Against Marriage Supporters"

From the Christian Post in Australia:

Violence broke out at a same-sex marriage rally this weekend in Brisbane, Australia, as a Christian group preached near the march.

... The Christian organization ... explained that the pro-gay marriage supporters then began ripping up the group’s placards. “Quite a number of the members of the gay rights rally then all started attacking me, assaulting me and strangling me…All of this was filmed on our video cameras….On my neck I had very clear signs of injury where I had been punched and strangled.”

The statement concluded: “The gay rights rally was supposedly about achieving equal love, but it was clear that the people part of the rally did not show any sort of love to those who had a difference in opinion on gay marriage. A difference in opinion can be and should be discussed, but at no point is violence acceptable.”