Minnesota Pastor Pledges to Protect Marriage--and Gay People!


Minnesota nice on display in the Fergus Falls Journal's letters to the editor section:

Although I understand some of the reasons for it, I was disappointed to read that the reporter could not find any minister who was willing to publicly state their position on the gay marriage issue, except two. And, unfortunately, the two who shared their views spoke in support of legalizing gay marriage.

... as an ordained minister, and as a concerned citizen of this great country, as well as someone who has been a student of the Bible for more than 35 years, I will unequivocally state my view.

... through my experiences in the entertainment industry and other related fields, I have interacted with many individuals who live the homosexual lifestyle. For the most part, I found these individuals to have many wonderful characteristics and value as human beings.

And I will also say that if I saw anyone verbally or physically abusing someone because of their homosexual orientation, I would come to their defense in a second. The reality is, gay or straight we all need a Savior.