MN Legislators Receive Uncivil Emails from HRC's National List


After the Minnesota legislature voted to allow Minnesotans to vote on the definition of marriage, HRC sent out an alert to its national email list telling their supports to "voice your anger and disappointment" at the legislators (presumably on both sides of the aisle) who voted for the bill.

Many of HRC's supporters evidently opted for "anger" over simple "disappointment" in their letters to MN legislators, as Rep. Tony Cornish can attest:

From the start, right after my vote, I received e mails calling me a “bigot” and much much worse, describing in detail horrific things that I should do to my own body, and people talking about my “obituary.” It wore on me, so about the 300th letter I got like that, I replied, “Give it a rest!”

It’s just kind of disturbing I guess, when my district asked me overwhelmingly to put this on the ballot, that I should get such letters.