Hawaii Delivers HUGE Marriage Victory for Djou


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Dear Friends of Marriage,

The special election for Congress that concluded last Saturday in Honolulu was a huge win for marriage. For the first-time in a generation, Hawaiians elected a Republican to Congress, pro-marriage Charles Djou!

Both of the Democrats Djou defeated (Colleen Hanabusa and Ed Case) are openly pro-gay marriage.

The National Organization for Marriage reached out to 100,000 likely voters in the last week of the campaign to inform voters that Charles Djou would protect the people's right to vote for marriage.

Like Scott Brown in Massachussetts, Djou refused to concede that a Congressman's seat belongs to any politician or any party: "Contrary to the opinion of the old guard, this congressional seat is not owned by the Democrat Party. It isn't owned by any union or special interest group. This seat is owned by the people. At its core, this belief separates me from my opponents," Djou said on May 17.

Djou's margin of victory was unexpectedly strong, emerging with 40 percent of the vote in a three-way race with two Democrats in a deep blue state.

2010 has the potential for more tremendous victories for marriage all across the country. With your help, we will be positioned for strategic intervention on short notice wherever the need arises.  Help make sure the word gets out . . . Can you give $65 today to help us reach out to 1,000 voters in the future?


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