New Hampshire House Rejects SSM amendments


May 20, 2009 -- HUGE victory for marriage in New Hampshire!!!
A few minutes ago, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted by a 2-vote margin (188-186) to reject amendments to the same-sex marriage bill that had been required by Governor Lynch as a condition of his signing the bill.

Same-sex marriage advocates were SHOCKED! As one blogger wrote: "We were hardly even watching since we thought the vote was such a sure thing." State Democratic Party chair Ray Buckley has been pressuring legislators for weeks in an effort to push this bill through. I'm told the shocked look on his face after the House vote today was unforgettable!

There is already talk of the parliamentary wrangling to come as proponents seek to salvage the bill. More details will follow, but we need to keep the pressure on, urging Governor Lynch to keep his word and veto the bill today!

If you live in New Hampshire, please email Governor Lynch again today. Urge him to make good on his promise to veto the same-sex marriage bill. The House refused the religious liberty amendments. Now it's time for him to keep his word, veto the bill, and move on. Click here to send a message to Governor Lynch!

Then forward this message to anyone you know who lives in New Hampshire!

Working closely with CPR Action on the ground in New Hampshire, NOM has helped sponsor grassroots organizing efforts and hard-hitting TV ads that played a major role in today's victory. (Click here to watch our latest New Hampshire ad!) For the first time, supporters of same-sex marriage are feeling the heat from their constituents, and Governor Lynch knows that the people of New Hampshire oppose same-sex marriage -- because thousands and thousands have called or emailed to tell him.

Today's victory is further evidence of the success that we can achieve, even in the Northeast. But the fight is far from over, and we have other battles on our hands yet this year. Please consider your most generous donation to support NOM's work in New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey and elsewhere. Or better yet, become a regular supporter of marriage by pledging a monthly contribution.

Right now, every dollar makes a difference as our opponents are in full-court press trying to push same-sex marriage throughout the Northeast. With your help, we will hold the line and then watch the momentum begin to turn as the American people are awakened to the fact that same-sex marriage affects all of us. Please use this hyperlink to make a secure online donation today.