Another Gay Writer Comes Out for Teaching Gay Marriage in the Schools


Harold Fayard at Truthout:

Students should be taught that these two variations in human attraction [homosexual and heterosexual] are no different than variations in hair color, skin color or any other natural variation. If presenting such knowledge means that gay marriage is being taught, then the reply should be that yes, in this manner, gay marriage and gay relationships should be one aspect - one legitimate, proper and happy aspect - of the many aspects of life about which children should know.

... To tell parents that, "[SSM] won't be taught, don't worry," will not persuade them, still less convince them, nor do anything to undo the prejudices and misconceptions that motivate them, not just as voters, but in all the ways that they think, act, and influence their children about the nature of human attraction, love and existence. Their profoundly rooted ways of being and thinking in relation to homosexuality can only be countered by a direct educational approach about what constitutes human attraction - both heterosexual and homosexual. Full equality of life for the LGBT community will be brought about only by a sustained attempt to put forth directly, in public and in all educational venues - whether for children or adults - a discourse about what human life, human sexuality and human attraction are.