Minnesotan to Pioneer Press: "Stop Labeling" Pro-Marriage People


R. J. Houck from Roseville writes about a personal experience:

Many of those who favor same-sex marriage are resorting to labeling and name calling of those who favor to retain marriage between one man and one woman. Those who favor traditional marriage are not anti anything, nor are they attacking gay and lesbian people.

It is widely accepted in all societies that traditional marriage of one man and one woman is by far the best environment for raising children to be well adjusted adults and to raise their own children. Traditional marriage, therefore, is not against something, but "for" the most vulnerable in our society, our children.

The gay community must stop labeling those who disagree with them as bigots and worse, and allow the citizens of Minnesota their right to decide this issue at the ballot box.

Some of those at the Capitol demonstration were rude and offensive in calling those who disagreed with them bigots. While standing quietly with a sign in support of traditional marriage, I was called a bigot, which I firmly am not.

They did not know me or what I thought, only what the sign indicated. Who is the bigot?