Bloomberg's Claim That "Global Competitiveness" Depends on SSM is Absurd


Bloomberg doubles-down on the debunked claim that redefining marriage will stimulate state economies:

The billionaire mayor also made the case for cash when it comes to same-sex couples. "As other states recognize the rights of same-sex couples to marry, we cannot stand by and watch. To do so would be to betray our civic values and history – and it would harm our competitive edge in the global economy," he said. "This is an issue of democratic principles – but make no mistake, it carries economic consequences." -- WNYC

More and more public figures are scratching their head at such pronouncements:

... not everyone buys the same-sex marriage math in New York. State Senator John Bonacic of Mount Hope in Orange County told The Capitol Pressroom’s Susan Arbetter earlier this week that same-sex couples would ultimately be a drain on state resources.

“I think the gay-marriage advocates will say anything to propel this for approval, but in my mind, this is an economic issue, it’s not about allowing them to be together,” Bonacic was reported saying. He said the increased draws from unemployment, disability and inheritance benefits would be an “economic hit” on the state.

Make no mistake: if your elected officials or business leaders think gay marriage is the key to economic development - watch out. Your state economy is about to be in (more) trouble.

The New York Post, in fact, just published the results of a survey saying 36% of under-30 New Yorkers plan to flee the state:

More than one-third of young New Yorkers are packing their bags to escape crushing taxes, sky-high living costs and a deteriorating quality of life, according to an alarming new poll out yesterday.

The ominous NY1/YNN-Marist survey found that 36 percent of residents younger than 30 -- and 26 percent of all New Yorkers -- are planning their exit strategy...

Sixty-two percent of those planning to leave blame economic woes such as taxes, living costs or a lack of job opportunities, the poll found.

Meanwhile, foreclosures are up in New York while dropping in most the rest of the U.S.

Like we said, if your government or business leaders think gay marriage is the key to economic competitiveness, your economy is in trouble!