CNS: New Yorkers and Their Bishops Speak Up on Marriage


In the Catholic News Service:

With a push on by supporters of same-sex “marriage” to legalize it in New York state, supporters of traditional marriage — including New York’s archbishop — are mounting their own campaigns to keep marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

... On May 24, more than 350 people attended a morning rally outside the state Capitol in Albany, and hundreds more met with lawmakers in their offices later that day, according to organizers of the event.

Other recent efforts to fight any such measure included a rally in the Bronx that drew several thousand people, a pledge by the advocacy group National Organization for Marriage that it will spend $1.5million in advertising and campaign contributions to head off same-sex “marriage,” and a blog posting by Archbishop Timothy Dolan saying that the definition of marriage is “hard-wired into our human reason.”

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