Conservative Minnesotan: "What [Pro-SSM] Activists Did After the Final [Vote] Was Despicable"


Gary Gross at the Minneapolis Conservative Examiner writes:

What [pro-SSM activists] did after the marriage amendment [passed] is described in this email:

What became unnerving was that last night as we moved closer to the vote they got louder and faster. There was one woman who screeched every time the main doors opened. Made me long for a pair of socks. It was an experience I will remember a long time. Especially seeing the backs of the state troopers--as they lined up shoulder to shoulder to keep the crowd from touching us. And the screaming, "Shame! Shame!" at us. Doesn't really go with earlier in the evening when they were singing Amazing Grace, and shouting "No Hate". Of course, they seemed to think it was perfectly loving to scream "Bigot" 10 inches from my face and spit on one of the other reps. (By the way, he has MS, walks with a cane and is a little slower. No hate, right?)

... Because of the [pro-SSM] activists' noisemaking, the doors were shut to allow debate. I've learned from several other GOP legislators that DFL legislators made a habit of leaving the House Chamber by way of the closed doors. When those doors opened, which is mandated when a legislator leaves the Chamber, the DFL legislators would take their sweet time walking through the door.

I'm told that the reason why DFL legislators did that was to give the [pro-SSM] activists plenty of time to hurl invectives at GOP legislators. I'm told that this went on throughout the debate.

... The [pro-SSM] media apologists should be ashamed for not reporting the [pro-SSM] despicable behavior.