Pro-SSM Activists in NY Cancel Their Cable Over NOM's "Consequences" Ad


Pro-SSM activists in New York are threatening TimeWarner Cable -- which is airing ads on both sides of the marriage debate -- because they are, well, airing both sides of the debate.

The gay blog NCRM writes:

Time Warner Cable, which operates in 28 states, last month ran ads in New York State from the National Organization for Marriage advocating against same-​sex marriage .... Many were outraged to see this bigotry invade their homes. One man has decided to do something about it. Today, Jeffrey Marx has deemed to be Time Warner Cable Cancel Day, and he invites all Time Warner subscribers to cancel their Time Warner service.

Marx adds, “TWC has given me two form letter responses now, both defending themselves by saying they are presenting ads for both sides of the issue. TWC would never accept funds for an ad discriminating against black people, asian people, brunettes, people with blue eyes, or women. Presenting both sides continues the debate. There is no debate regarding Equality. Keeping the LGBT community as second class citizens is no longer a debatable issue. It is just plain wrong. Neither response from TWC mentioned legal issues regarding freedom of speech. I continue my Facebook project in confidence…