Another Defender of Sen. Rev. Diaz Steps Forward


According to the NY Daily News:

Bronx Assemblyman Michael Benedetto, who supports legal gay marriage, sort of inserted himself as a referee, issuing a statement about the tone of the argument between Diaz and advocates:

"The state legislature has been presented with an important and historic issue and whenever topics of such import fall before the house a civil and rational dialogue is required. Unfortunately, in the discourse between the Senator and bill proponents things are getting out of hand. The Senator is entitled to his views and to vocalize his support of those views. His critics are entitled to challenge them and respond to them. However, there is a responsibility that both sides must adhere to: to carry on their discussions in a manner that is respectful to both sides of the debate. Threats of bodily harm, profanity and overly harsh statements do not contribute to the debate and only serve to cheapen the importance of the issue."