Sen. Rev. Diaz Thanks Archbishop Dolan, Rick Barnes


Rick Barnes, head of the New York Catholic Conference, recently stepped forward to criticize the intolerance and just plain meanness displayed towards Sen. Rev. Diaz.

On June 4, Sen. Rev Diaz published an open letter thanking Richard Barnes and Archbishop Dolan:

Dear Mr. Barnes:

This letter is to thank you for your column, “A Note on Intolerance” that appeared in news articles and on Facebook. As you know, intimidation, threats and ugliness continue to confront me as a religious leader and as a State Senator as I continue to protect marriage laws in New York.

As you also know, my prayerful and peaceful efforts have highlighted the hatred and anti-religious bigotry by many who campaign to redefine New York’s marriage laws to include homosexual marriage. Sad to say, these efforts continue to stoke the flames of hate-purveyors.

I am encouraged that my efforts and the efforts of the New York State Catholic Conference have also awakened the sprit of countless families and individuals who respect traditional marriage.

Whenever the issue of homosexual marriage has been placed before the public for a vote – even in California – it has always been rejected. The only times these laws have changed were through the efforts of legislators or judges.

Please convey to Archbishop Timothy Dolan my tremendous respect for him. His recent column reminded us all that: “History, Natural Law, the Bible (if you’re so inclined), the religions of the world, human experience, and just plain gumption tell us this is so. The definition of marriage is hardwired into our human reason.”

How true.

In the growing spirit of interfaith unity, I deeply appreciate your expression of respect and look forward to meeting with you in Albany.

See the letter on Sen. Rev. Diaz's Facebook page.

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