State Sen Greg Ball: "NY SSM Dead Without Religious Liberty Protections"


In Rhode Island, gay marriage advocates are protesting the inclusion of religious liberty protections in a civil union bill. In New York, State Sen. Greg Ball says the absence of such protection (including for small businesses) will definitely kill a same-sex marriage bill.

We seek to protect marriage as the union of husband and wife, irregardless. But why are gay marriage advocates so determined to prevent religious liberty protections that they would rather see a bill die than provide them?

A state senator who holds a key swing vote on the bill to legalize gay marriage says he does not believe the measure will pass without specific exemptions for religious institutions.

Sen. Greg Ball (R-Putnam) said he delivered that message directly this past week to Gov.Cuomo and his aides.

Most contentious is Ball's argument that individuals and businesses - not just religious organizations - who oppose gay marriage should also be exempted from the state's discrimination laws.

"If you're going to pass a marriage bill, real religious exemptions and carveouts to protect the Catholic Church and other religious groups need to be included," Ball told the Daily News.

"Short of that, I don't think you'll see a marriage bill pass." --NY Daily News