NYC Pastors Hold Rally At City Hall June 14 to "Rebut" Mayor Bloomberg


In Human Events:

... as the Senate again considers a same-sex marriage bill, this time under a new Republican majority, Bloomberg appears to be taking no chances in trying to turn wayward senators to his side.  But local church groups in New York City have caught wind of Bloomberg’s arm-twisting, and have mobilized to stop him and the bill.

Bishop Joseph Mattera, founder and leader of City Action Coalition, a large coalition of multi-ethnic denominations in New York City, told HUMAN EVENTS that Bloomberg has been threatening Republican senators that he will pull his support for them if they vote against the bill...

Mattera and his coalition are planning a rally on the steps of City Hall to bring their message in support of traditional marriage rights to Mayor Bloomberg’s office door.  Bishop Mattera’s City Action Coalition International, a group of affiliated churches dedicated to and organized around advocacy for moral issues including support of traditional marriage, is headlining the rally set for Tuesday, June 14, at 11:30 a.m. on the steps of City Hall.

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