Gay Irish Candidate for President, Once Leading in the Polls, Loses Support after Revelations He Advocates Legalizing Adult-Child Consensual Sex



Irish presidential hopeful David Norris is fighting to maintain his candidacy amidst even more revelations that he supports “classical pedophilia” and opposes any law specifying an age of consent for sex.

On its front page yesterday, the Irish Daily Mail ran the headline, “I don’t believe in an age of consent,” and said that Norris had given an interview last year in which he said (in the words of the paper) that “prostitution and all drugs should be legalized,” and “he was pro-abortion and advocated pederasty.”

... Norris was a front-runner in the Irish Republic’s Presidential campaign until last week, when a ten-year-old interview was unearthed in the media in which he made comments supporting pederasty, calling it “classical pedophilia.”

Norris told the magazine Magill, “There’s a lot of nonsense about pedophilia.” “I think there is a complete and utter hysteria about this subject,” he said, insisting that children were capable of giving informed consent to sex, saying, “The law should take into account consent rather than age.”

He also said that child victims of sexual abuse are sometimes more harmed by the condemnation of the abuse, and said that incest should only be banned in cases where a victim could be impregnated.