URGENT ACTION NEEDED: NY Same-Sex Marriage Vote in Next 6 Days!


6 days left to save marriage in New York! Please contact everyone you know who lives in New York and urge them to contact their state senator today.

6 Days Left to Save Marriage in New York

The New York legislative session comes to an end on June 20th, and a vote on the same-sex marriage bill is expected to come sometime next week.  New York is a pivotal state – and the outcome here will have a significant impact on the future of marriage throughout the nation.

The latest vote counts show that gay marriage activists are still 6 votes short of the 32 votes needed for passage, with 7 senators still undecided.  

But the fight is far from over!

Governor Cuomo continues meeting one-on-one with swing votes in the Senate. Mayor Bloomberg promises money for gay marriage supporters. But ultimately senators must listen to the voices of their constituents.

The Human Rights Campaign is calling on activists all across the country to help bring increased pressure to bear on not only the 7 undecided senators, but also trying to flip one or two senators already on record as opposing same-sex marriage. Just yesterday, HRC President Joe Solmonese told his activists "We're closer than ever to victory."

Maybe he's bluffing, but the reality is that New York senators must continue to hear from thousands of their constituents opposed to same-sex marriage over the next six days. If we let up now, victory could easily slip away.

Please – take action right now.

If you live in New York, you must contact your state senator right away – 
even if you've already contacted them before. Click here to send your message right now.

And for those who live outside New York, please forward this email to anyone you know who lives or works in New York. In just a few seconds, you can help reach out to new marriage supporters throughout New York.  

Victory is on the horizon. By June 20th, we may see another tremendous victory for marriage. Join us today!