Maggie's Column -- Giants' David Tyree's Last-Minute Drive For N.Y. Marriage


NOM Chairman Maggie Gallagher's latest column (watch NOM's exclusive interview with Tyree here):

Former New York Giants wide receiver David Tyree is a giant of a man.

Tyree is most famous for making arguably the greatest catch in NFL history in 2008's Super Bowl XLII -- leaping up and pinning the ball against his helmet -- during the Giants' last-minute drive to the touchdown that beat the previously undefeated New England Patriots.

Just a few weeks after Canadian sportscaster Damian Goddard lost his job tweeting to his personal Twitter list of 175 people that he supports marriage as the union of husband and wife, Tyree turned up on the steps of New York's City Hall, joining more than 125 pastors (plus some rabbis) -- black, white, Hispanic -- who came to rebut Mayor Bloomberg's call for the New York State Senate to pass a gay marriage bill before its current session ends.

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