WorldMag on the "Not-So-Hidden Agenda" in NY


Janie Cheaney writes:

A rushed vote, a cacophony of comments denouncing the bigots and homophobes, a lack of due process and deliberation—that’s old news. What might be new is the bold statement by state Sen. Carl Kruger of Brooklyn as to what this is all about: “What we’re about to do is redefine what the American family is. And that’s a good thing.” Usually politicians wrap their opinions in the red, white, and blue of equal opportunity and fairness. Sen. Kruger, who may have been speaking more freely than he meant to, let the truth slip.

... The minuscule number of people who stand to directly benefit from such legislation suggests further that it’s not about marriage at all—it’s about breaking down all barriers to consenting adults living exactly how they please, with dissenting voices confined to the margins.

... We’re in a bare-knuckle fight with forces of anarchy, whether they know it or not. They think they’re about redefining the family, but it actually goes a step further: This is about undefining the family. The family becomes whatever they say it is, on any given day or legislative session. Kudos to the Republicans of the New York Senate (and one lone Democrat), and kudos to David Tyree for resisting the push.