Local Press: Voting for SSM Could Cost GOP Sen. James Alesi Reelection


Joseph Spector reports for (New York's Lower Hudson Valley):

Alesi's decision [to vote for SSM] could come with political implications. He faced a difficult re-election bid next year. Earlier this year, he was heavily criticized by his own party and the public for suing a couple in his district after he allegedly trespassed on their property. Soon after, Alesi dropped the lawsuit and apologized.

The Conservative Party has vowed to no longer endorse Alesi because of his stance on same-sex marriage. The party's support was critical to Alesi last year: He would have lost without it.

Monroe County Conservative Party chairman Thomas Cook charged that Alesi's political future is over, saying he's already received calls from three or four potential challengers to him in 2012.

"My opinion is there is absolutely no way Jim Alesi will be re-elected," Cook said.

Other GOP Senators considering supporting this bad SSM bill -- take note.

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