CRITICAL NY UPDATE: Final Day - Tell Senators to Let the People Vote


One more day to change history.

A week ago, same-sex marriage supporters were giddy with excitement. Five senators had just announced their intent to vote for same-sex marriage, leaving supporters one vote shy of the 32 votes needed to pass a same-sex marriage bill. But for a week now, there has been no new movement as the legislative session has gone into overtime.

Action Alert: New York

As expected, last night Governor Cuomo extended the legislative session in hopes of reaching a deal on several of his signature agenda items, including same-sex marriage.

And after hours of negotiations, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos announced early this afternoon that a deal had been reached on rent control, property tax cap, and SUNY tuition—three of the four major issues still before the Senate. He indicated that at this time there is no deal on same-sex marriage, and that there would be no further action on the bill today—although closed-door negotiations are continuing. At the same time, Skelos told reporters that he expected the legislative session would finally come to a close tomorrow.

The next 24 hours will likely decide the future of marriage in New York.

Thousands of you have called, emailed, and even delivered your messages to Albany in person, calling on your state senators to support a referendum allowing the people of New York to vote on marriage. It is a privilege to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, with the other state groups who are doing such a tremendous job on the ground, and with each of you who are making your voices heard.

It's time for one final push!

  1. Join us at the Capitol Tomorrow!

    Please, if at all possible, come to the Capitol in Albany tomorrow (directions here). Come any time that you are able. There is no stronger statement than that of marriage supporters taking time off work, traveling with their families, committed to making a public stand for marriage.

    Join us as we remind Senate Republicans that there is no reason they should have to vote on this bill. Marriage belongs to every New Yorker, not just to 62 politicians in the state senate. It's time for a referendum that would let the people of New York decide the future of marriage for themselves.

  2. Keep up the Phone Calls and Emails!

    Even if you can't make it to Albany tomorrow, you can still make your voice heard. Have you called these 7 senators yet today? Please call each of them—tell them it's time to let the people vote!

    And if you can't make phone calls, click here to contact these senators by email!

    Stephen Saland (518) 455-2411
    Andrew Lanza (518) 455-3215
    Mark Grisanti (518) 455-3240
    Greg Ball (518) 455-3111
    John Flanagan (518) 455-2071
    Joseph Addabbo (518) 455-2322
    Shirley Huntley (518) 455-3531

  3. Tell a Friend!

    Share this message with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and by email.

Whatever you can do, please do it now. Come to Albany, make phone calls, and forward this message to everyone you know who lives in New York. The outcome tomorrow will have widespread implications for the entire nation.

Seldom have I come to you with a more urgent need for immediate action. Time is short. Please join us today!