New Poll: 57% of New Yorkers Reject Same-Sex Marriage, Just One in Four Want the Legislature to Decide the Issue


“Kill this divisive bill, and let the people of New York decide.” -Brian Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM)

NEW YORK – The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) commissioned a poll in New York asking voters their view on marriage. Some of the results include:

· Only about 1 in 4 New York voters (26 percent) prefer for a legislator in Albany to decide this issue, while 59 percent say the issue of marriage should be decided by the voters in New York.
· 57 percent agree that “marriage should only be between a man and a woman” vs 32 percent who disagree and 11 percent who answered don’t know, or did not respond.
· 91 percent of registered New York voters say that have heard of the recent push for same-sex marriage in the state.

Note: Poll Sample: 302 registered voters with voting history randomly selected from voter registration file in New York. Margin of Error is 5.6% (at the 95% confidence interval). Survey dates were June 18 and 19, 2011.

“New Yorkers have heard of Andrew Cuomo’s push for gay marriage, but they do not share his priorities. For the Republicans to use their newfound control to pass a measure with such weak public support in order to help Andrew Cuomo run for president of the United States is not only wrong but a colossal blunder,” said Brian Brown. “To sell your principles to get elected is always wrong. To sell your principles to get the other guy elected is just plain dumb. Our message to the New York legislature is simple: Kill this bill and let the people of New York vote on the issue--that’s good sense and good political sense too.”

The full results of the poll can be found here and below:
NOM NY 2011 Survey on Marriage