ESPN Columnist: Tyree "Isn't Going to Back Down", Has Right to His Views


Jemele Hill writes at ESPN:

If you're expecting Tyree to recant anything he said, prepare to be disappointed. When reached him Monday night, Tyree wasn't backing down.

"As great as a catch as that was, that doesn't define me as a person," Tyree told me.

Tyree's comments have, predictably, generated two reactions: disdain and ridicule.

I'm going to try a different reaction: acceptance.

... Tyree is being depicted as an uninformed religious zealot, but at least he's up-front. He helped deliver thousands of petitions against the same-sex marriage bill and joined the National Organization for Marriage at a recent news conference in Albany.

That doesn't sound like someone who is crazy. Rather, it sounds like someone who isn't going to back down from what he believes.

See Tyree in action at the Albany State House yesterday, expressing his views to the press: