WaPo's Favorite New Republican


What does it take to get the WaPo to call you a "rising star" in the GOP and instant "Veepstakes" material in 2012? Be a pro-gay marriage, pro-choice Republican, of course.

Like Charlie Baker, running for governor of Massachusetts on the GOP ticket.  WaPo, swooning, is pretending Baker is following the Scott Brown formula.  But Sen. Brown was pro-marriage amendment and far more openly prolife than his opponent. (He describes himself as pro-choice but opposes partial birth abortion and federal funding; He was endorsed by the Susan B. Anthony List as well as NOM.) Baker did manage to sum up the energy to pledge to veto the so-called "bathroom bill" which adds gender identity to Massachusetts discrimination law--similar language in Maine this year lead the Maine Human Rights Campaign to propose integrating bathrooms and locker rooms in public schools and universities.

Baker is running just seven points behind an unpopular state governor in latest polls.  Will be interesting to see how this plays out in Massachusetts, but don't hold your breath for anyone named Baker on the ticket in 2012.

Charlie Baker, best of luck, but to paraphrase Ronald Reagan, Scott Brown is a friend of ours, and you are no Scott Brown.

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