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Breaking News: Elderly Woman Beaten For Supporting NC Marriage Amendment

The Vote YES For Marriage NC campaign is reporting on Facebook that an elderly woman who refused to surrender her “vote yes” sign was beaten by a gay marriage advocate. I knew of at least one case like this in California. This comes from “de-legitimizing” your opponents, claiming there is no possible argument for any […]

25,205! Victory at!

Thanks so much to each one of you who helped us meet our goal of 25,000 petition signers by the end of this week at! The fight for corporate fairness–and marriage–has just begun!

Dump Starbucks: 7,000 & Counting!

We’re just about to hit 7,000 pledges over at And my post at The Corner has generated more comments–121–than anything I’ve ever posted. Stay tuned, we are in for a big ride with this thing! I think the arrogance of Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is key. How can anyone think it’s in Starbucks best […]

Watch the Media Invent A False Narrative on Romney and Santorum

Reuters asks the question: will Santorum’s rise draw Romney into the culture wars? “The sudden rise of Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, who has emphasized his Christian faith on the campaign trail, is threatening to draw front-runner Mitt Romney into difficult territory – the culture wars.” It begins with the false premise that: “Romney has […]

A Hard-Left Case Against Gay Marriage

A lament against the domestication of “gayness” with an acute awareness that gay marriage is not just an individual right, but a social change: “…Certainly, there were always members of the gay community who would rather not have borne the burden of existential difference, who would rather have stayed who they were while seeing society […]

Why Santorum Could Win: It’s Time for the Porcupine

Charles Hurt at the Washington Times writes about why so many reporters wrongly wrote-off Rick Santorum. It’s the sweater vest. He’s not your slickster rosy scenarioist. He comes from the coal mines of Pennsylvania, he knows that life can be tough, that you have to fight, and that if you fight for what’s right, you […]

Celebrating Rick

It was a very, very powerful speech. The word I would choose to describe it and him is “grounded.” There’s a reason Rupert Murdoch used a word not often used about a presidential candidate surging: “humility.” The humility that comes from standing for something larger than yourself, for people other than yourself. As Rick said, […]

A Catholic Hero

Rick Santorum gave a magnificent speech tonight. It was an expression, a flowering in a way I do not think America has seen in my lifetime of Catholic culture. He made his economic message more than a question of self-interest — he made it a moral cause. He connected the dignity of every human life, […]

The Evil that Intellectual Elites Can Rationalize, in the (False) Name of Science

Within living memory, North Carolina was one of 31 states with official eugenics programs, this one involuntarily sterilizing people a social worker considered unfit to reproduce. Do not underestimate the evil intellectual elites can justify by dubbing moral critiques “anti-science” — read more at National Review Online.

A Link Is Not An Endorsement

Some in the gay blogosphere are trying to assert that NOM–or me–endorses the view of every blogger/article NOM links to, by the act of linking to it. This would lead to the absurd conclusion that NOM endorses the editorial positions of the New York Times, because NOM links to them–or The Advocate for that matter, […]

Former Adviser to U.S. Bishops Dan Avila Explains His Choice to Step Down

Those of us who know Dan, know that it is very like him to sacrifice his job and his income, rather than permit any act of his to bring any distraction to the bishops he serves. God bless him and his family in his future endeavors. The National Catholic Register: Daniel Avila says he resigned […]

Can We Trust Gov. Quinn and the Illinois Department of Children & Foster Care Services to Protect Children?

Catholic Charities has a sterling record of protecting foster children in the State of Illinois. With Gov. Quinn’s consent, the children they protected are now going to be transferred to new homes because the Department of Children and Foster Care Services will no longer do business with any foster care agency that does not do […]

The New Enemies of Eros

If you haven’t read Kate Bolick’s Atlantic magazine cover story attempting to celebrate her liberation from marriage and motherhood as ideals, it’s worth reading, especially between the lines. My response on the Public Discourse is here (excerpt below): Her essay reads like a dreary slog through the gap between myth and reality of the sexual […]

The Passing of Steve Jobs

NOM has had its issues with Apple and Steve Jobs. But the passing of what, by any standards, is a great man, is not the time for hashing out issues. When I was young, Steve Jobs was also young. Now he is gone. Others are better qualified to eulogize his achievements. I was struck in […]

Grading the Candidates: Mitt Romney

[Watch the debate live online here.] Prof. George begins: “Courts usurped the authority of Congress and acted in a way that removed an entire class of human beings from the law’s protection. Lincoln said that if this is accepted “the people will cease to be their own rulers.” After Lincoln’s death we enacted the 14th […]