Truth Matters - A Message for Politicians, NOM Marriage News June 30, 2011


NOM National Newsletter

Dear Marriage Supporter,

The Republican Party in New York decided last week to pass gay marriage.

That is what happened last Friday. I'm still struggling, like you, to explain why.

This is not over! NOM has announced a multi-year plan in New York to fight back!

The first step is to analyze, with clarity, how this betrayal happened.

Maggie, writing in the Wall Street Journal, summed it up succinctly:

“What happened last week in New York is simple politically: Republicans enabled the passage of a bill that will help the governor please the Democratic base in his state and nationally. It simultaneously alienated a significant portion of the Republican base.

“Memo to Empire State Republicans: Abandoning your core values to get elected is wrong. Abandoning your core values to help the Democrats get elected is just plain dumb. The governor emerges from this vote as a strong horse; Senate Republican leaders look weak.”

Just plain dumb, as well as wrong.

Here I am on MSNBC, debating Al Sharpton on this point:

Here's Maggie on PBS News Hour doing the same thing.

But this isn't about politics or parties, it's about principle.

We've never seen a clearer case in which one state's politicians have simply lied to and betrayed voters—and for what? To get good coverage in the New York Times?

You and I know that's not good enough.

Help me fight back today by donating to NOM's national fund!

You can help us make a difference today, this hour, by fighting back against politicians who lie—point-blank!—to their constituents.

This is a short email because this week the point is clear and short: Politicians across this country who campaign one way and vote another need to know there are consequences.

This isn't business as usual, it's values above business.

Truth matters.

Will you join us?

Semper fi,

Brian Brown

Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

PS: Again, please consider what you can give to our national fund to fight for marriage—in New York, and across this great nation.