NFL Pro Bowler David Tyree Doesn't Regret Marriage Stance


In Charisma Magazine:

“I am not political,” says Tyree, whose famous "helmet catch” was the defining moment of Super Bowl XLII. “I believe there is right and wrong. I think many things are subjective, but truth is not. Marriage [between a man and woman] is the backbone of our society.”

Now, Peter Grandich, founder of Trinity Financial Sports & Entertainment Co, is speaking out in support of Tyree. Grandich applauds him for saying what many believe and don’t have the courage to openly state.

“He is a courageous man to say what so many others will not for fear of retribution, yet David is strong in his conviction and that comes first. I admire his passion and faith," Grandich says. “What David has really said was he chooses not to go against the will of his God and that his Lord’s words must come before man’s. This is not Tyree vs. gays but a God-fearing man’s willingness to stand firm in his beliefs. I wholeheartedly agree with him.”

Grandich feels many in the media are taking cheap shots at Tyree because they don’t share the same opinion. “This is America, where freedom of speech is not just guaranteed, but is one of the foundations upon which our country was established,” Grandich says. “Though the media is certainly free to report David’s opinions, I say shame on them for chastising him for standing up for his beliefs.”

See Tyree's first video for marriage here.