Matthew Schmitz on a New Movement for Marriage


In the First Things blog On The Square:

The vote in New York did not represent the end of a movement, but it did, just maybe, mark the beginning of one. In the wake of the vote I heard from many friends, most of them young, who took the Empire State vote as a call to rebuild a vibrant marriage culture, both in their religious communities and in society at large.

Already there is a movement of young Catholics, Evangelicals, Jews, and Mormons (some of whom I have the privilege of knowing) to revisit the assumptions embedded in no-fault divorce and same-sex civil marriage. These young people—including the young leaders of the Love and Fidelity Network, Princeton University’s Anscombe Society, and Harvard University’s True Love Revolution—believe that they are required in charity to work to reclaim a marriage culture that balances the desires of adults alongside the needs of children for a mother and father.

Of course, it is far from certain how this movement will proceed or what success it will have, but I draw hope from its youth, intelligence, and good nature. Like the pro-life movement before it, it will be motivated by a concern for unseen victims and a respect for the self-evident facts of nature. I firmly believe that the witness of these brave young leaders will give many more the courage to join them.