The Grisanti Flip Flop: New Evidence Emerges


Mark Grisanti was not just opposed to same-sex marriage.  He said publicly and privately he would never vote for gay marriage.  Here is an example of a person lied to directly by Grisanti -- Dr. Kevin Backus of the Conservative Party:

"At the outset of the last election Mark Grisanti and I had lunch. As he was seeking my support for his election, I asked the candidate several questions. At the top of that list was his position on same-sex marriage...

Mr. Grisanti clearly stated that, while he would vote for civil unions, I could be sure he would never vote for “anything that had the word ‘marriage’ in it.” Mr. Grisanti committed himself, in the strongest terms possible, to people desiring a senator who would defend traditional marriage."

Dr. Backus says Grisanti is now hinting that Gov. Cuomo may be very helpful to him when it comes to redistricting in ways that could help him keep his seat.

Have voters had enough of Albany politicians who cut secret backroom deals while lying to voters?

We'll find out.

Dr. Backus again:

We supported Mr. Grisanti, and he called upon that help several times during the election.  I was there watching the vote come in when our Island put him over the top.  I was there in Albany to celebrate his inauguration.  I’ve spoken with the senator on this issue repeatedly since he took office.  I’ve been assured by him personally and been asked to assure others that he’d never vote for anything with the word “marriage” in it.  Mark committed himself to that position, even while saying publicly he was studying the issue, was torn, and was undecided.  As recently as 11 days before the vote was taken, Mark was firm in this position.