Matthew Franck Asks "Is Sex Just Like Race?


Over at The Public Discourse:

Catholic University of America recently announced that it would return to single-sex dormitories. In response, a GWU law professor has announced he plans to sue CUA for reintroducing "separate but equal" and thus violating DC's Human Rights Act. Matthew Franck explains why sex is not like race, and why it is reasonable to sometimes take the former into consideration.

... [GWU law professor] Banzhaf may have a case under the D.C. Human Rights Act, or he may not. That will be for others to decide. But this parallel of his, between race and sex, is what should catch our attention. His argument, as a matter of justice and moral right, is only as good as the proposition that sex is just like race when it comes to our treatment of others. Banzhaf is sure that if it would be wrong to separate the races into different dormitories, even into facilities of identical quality, it would be equally wrong to separate the sexes.

But is sex just like race?