Chicago Sun-Times Has No Problem Shutting Down Christian Foster Care


Without mincing words, the Sun-Times comes out against Christian foster care:

Sometimes Gov. Pat Quinn gets it just right.

Quinn this week refused to back down on an issue of gay rights, offering a plain-spoken defense of Illinois’ new civil union law.

First, he refused to renew contracts with four Catholic Charities agencies after they said they wouldn’t license same-sex couples who want to become foster or adoptive parents, as the new law requires. Then, Quinn stood behind his decision publicly [...] The decision to terminate contracts in Joliet, Peoria, Springfield and Belleville couldn’t have been easy for Quinn, a Catholic, but it’s the right thing to do.

... No one is diminishing the risks here. These are real children in need of stable, loving families.

That’s in part why three of the Catholic Charities agencies sued the state, winning a first victory in court Tuesday in their quest to continue services for non-homosexual couples only. But it’s also why Quinn backed the civil union law in the first place — an acknowledgement that gay couples deserve the same right to build loving families as any other couple.

And the rights of religious organizations? Those aren't mentioned by the Sun-Times editors.