Gov. Cuomo Admits to Vulnerable GOP Senators: I Can't Help You With Conservatives


LetThePeopleVote.comNow that Gov. Cuomo has gotten from the NY republican senators what he wanted (their support for same-sex marriage), he's admitting frankly to the New York Times how little he can actually help them stay in office:

Mr. Cuomo said he did not see a way to compromise with the Legislature over redistricting. The governor would like an independent commission to draw district lines, but he said any overhaul of the redistricting process was “all negative” for the Senate Republicans, because it threatened their majority.

... Mr. Cuomo, who shepherded the same-sex marriage bill through the Legislature, spoke glowingly of the four Republicans who provided the pivotal votes for it, pledging political support.

“The problem is, their threat now is from the Conservative Party,” Mr. Cuomo said. “I’m sort of the Antichrist to the Conservative Party. But anything I can do, I will do to help.”

The problem is, come election time for these NY republican senators who flip-flopped on marriage, glowing words from the Governor won't make up for the lack of endorsement from the Conservative Party.