Maryland Catholics: "Maryland is Not New York"


From the newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore:

Responding to a newly launched effort to pass same-sex marriage in Maryland, the Maryland Catholic Conference issued a July 12 statement noting that the “successful coalition that upheld the time-honored definition of marriage in Maryland remains intact and will continue to be involved in upholding marriage in our state.”

... While same-sex marriage advocates pointed to the recent passage of gay marriage in New York as a model for Maryland, the MCC emphasized that “Maryland is not New York.”

“During the 2011 session, Maryland lawmakers chose not to redefine marriage because they listened to their Maryland constituents and stood by their deeply-held moral convictions,” the MCC statement said. “While the New York legislature may have taken a different course, they did so knowing the people of New York – unlike Maryland – have no recourse to taking a law redefining marriage to a statewide vote.”