Join us on July 24th -- A New Chapter in a Long Fight to Reclaim Marriage in New York

I hope you will join us next Sunday, July 24th, as we join with New Yorkers from all across the state at simultaneous rallies in Manhattan, Albany, Rochester and Buffalo, calling on politicians to let the people vote on marriage.

Next Sunday is the day that New York will begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, as the new legislation imposing same-sex marriage on the state takes effect. But this isn't the end of the battle for marriage in New York, not by a long shot. As I told the New York Times this week, this is just the start of a new chapter in a long fight for the future of marriage.

Politicians in Albany have had their say. Governor Cuomo has had his. Now it's time for the people of New York to have their own chance to vote on marriage.

Gay marriage advocates would like nothing better than to deceive the American people into thinking that the road to same-sex marriage is a one-way street, that the moment a state adopts same-sex marriage the debate is suddenly ended and it's time to move on.


Just ask the people of Maine, who watched their legislators adopt a same-sex marriage bill and promptly exercised their “People's Veto” before the law was ever implemented. Or the people of California who saw their state supreme court vote to impose gay marriage and quickly amended their state constitution to reverse the court ruling.

New Hampshire voters cleaned house last November after their legislators voted to implement same-sex marriage, electing a strong pro-marriage majority in both houses of the state legislature and setting the stage for a gay marriage repeal vote next spring. And voters in Iowa, for the first time ever, tossed three sitting Supreme Court justices out of office for their votes to force same-sex marriage on the state.

Even in Massachusetts, voters very nearly succeeded in putting a marriage amendment on the ballot, and may yet have the final say on marriage.

The inevitability of same-sex marriage is a political charade – nothing more. How can a political cause be declared inevitable even before its first victory at the ballot box? Smoke and mirrors. Lies and campaign cash. That's how same-sex marriage was passed in New York, and New York voters have had enough.

If you live in New York, will you join us next Sunday afternoon at 3pm as we stand for marriage?

Full event details are available online at, including directions to each rally, printable signs, and a chance to let us know you'll be coming.

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And for those of you living outside New York, I hope you'll tell your friends and family about this kickoff rally in our campaign to Let The People Vote!