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Gov. Cuomo Appoints Marriage Flip-Flopper Alesi to NY Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board

Back in 2011, then-New York Senator Jim Alesi betrayed marriage and his constituents by accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from gay marriage advocates and flipping his position on marriage. But no amount of money can buy the support of voters once you've lost their trust. Sen. Alesi was subsequently driven from his re-election race by NOM's pledge to defeat him, and later claimed that his vote for same-sex marriage was what sunk his political career.

So what is former Sen. Alesi up to these days? New York Gov. Cuomo has just appointed him to the state Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board. According to Albany Watch:

Alesi_moneydanceThe longtime lawmaker will make $90,800 annually on top of his pension, which totals $35,231, according to the Empire Center.

Alesi said Cuomo’s office reached out to him as it was filling vacancies on various boards and commissions. The former senator fills a seat that has been vacant since 2011, with his term lasting through Nov. 18, 2017.

The former senator was one of four Republicans to vote in favor of same-sex marriage in 2011, giving the bill key support to become law. He was repeatedly hailed by Cuomo following the vote, but stepped away from running for re-election in 2012.

WPRO: NOM Poll Says RI Wants SSM on Ballot

WPRO contributes to the growing awareness that Rhode Island voters want to have their say on marriage:

The National Organization for Marriage, Rhode Island Chapter, or NOMRI, released the results of a telephone poll Tuesday, showing that most Rhode Islanders favor the idea of putting same-sex marriage on the ballot.

According to the survey of 401 registered voters, 74 percent said they believed the “definition of marriage should be decided by the voters of Rhode Island,” versus letting the General Assembly make the call.

Those polled also expressed their opinion that the economy should be the legislature’s priority, with 55 percent saying the same-sex marriage issue should be secondary to the economy.

Visit the NOM-RI website for all the latest.

NJ Democrat Senate Leader Doesn't Want the People to Vote on Marriage

Even in deep blue New Jersey, pro-gay marriage Senate President Steve Sweeney (D) doesn't want a bill introduced by one of his fellow Democrats calling for a vote of the people on marriage to proceed. Presumably it’s because he fears he will lose such a public vote:

Sen. President Steve Sweeney today reiterated his position that he does not believe same sex marriage is an issue for voters to decide.

Sweeney was responding to a bill introduced by Assemblyman Reed Gusciora that would place the issue on the ballot next November.

"I have firmly stated before and will say again now that I do not believe you put civil rights on the ballot, period. It is the job of elected officials to ensure that everyone is provided equal protection and equal rights under the law. We should not hide from that responsibility...we should embrace it," Sweeney said in a statement. "We gave the governor an opportunity to ensure true marriage equality in this state, just as other states and nations have done. He punted by shamelessly issuing a conditional veto. I fully plan on overriding that veto before this legislative session is done."

Earlier this year the Legislature passed a measure legalizing same sex marriage, however the bill was vetoed by Gov. Chris Christie who said at the time the state should let voters decide.

While Sweeney voted in favor of the latest iteration of the "marriage equality" bill, he was not always so inclined.  When the measure came before the Legislature in 2009, Sweeney abstained from the vote.  He later called it the worst decision of his political career. -- PolitickerNJ

60+ English MPs from Multiple Parties: "We Support a Freedom from the State Being Able to Redefine the Meaning of Marriage"

60 MPs in Britain hailing from the conservative, labor, democratic unionist and other parties have written to David Cameron in united defense of marriage:

"As parliamentarians from different political parties and none, we are united in supporting the institution of marriage defined in law as a union between a man and a woman. We recognise the value of a loving and committed relationship and we respect civil partnership, but affirm the distinctive value of marriage reflecting the complementarity of a man and woman often evidenced in parenthood.

At the last election, none of the three main parties stood on a platform to redefine marriage. It was not contained in any of their manifestos, nor did it feature in the Coalition’s Programme for Government. These facts alone should have led to extreme caution on the part of those calling for this change to be made.

Instead the Government is ignoring the overwhelming public response against the plans. The consultation has ignored the views of 500,000 British residents in favour of anonymous submissions from anyone anywhere in the world. We believe that the Government does not have a mandate to redefine marriage.

... We are sceptical that the proposed protections will prevent the erosion of liberties of religion and conscience. The proposed redefinition of marriage is unnecessary, given the legal rights established through civil partnerships. We understand some parliamentarians support freedom for same sex couples to marry, but we support a freedom from the state being able to redefine the meaning of marriage." -- The UK Telegraph

Heritage Blog to Supreme Court: Restore Marriage Decisions to Citizens

Ryan T. Anderson and Jennifer Marshall write on the Heritage blog in reaction to the Supreme Court decision today:

"The Supreme Court announced today that it will hear cases dealing with the definition of marriage during its current term.

The Court will consider challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act, passed by an overwhelming bipartisan majority in Congress and signed by President Clinton, and Proposition 8, California’s constitutional amendment to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

After lower courts ruled against these marriage laws, the Supreme Court now has the opportunity to return authority to citizens in answering questions about marriage policy.

... In the coming months, the Supreme Court will consider briefs, hear oral arguments, and ultimately issue its ruling by the end of the term in June 2013. Whatever the outcome, debate on the issue of marriage will continue.

The coming months, therefore, offer an important opportunity for citizens to consider carefully what marriage is and why government should continue to recognize marriage as the union of a man and a woman..."


Jacoby: Let The People Keep Voting!

Jeff Jacoby, op-ed writer for the Boston Globe:

"Rights should not be put to a vote," same-sex marriage advocate Evan Wolfson, the founder of Freedom to Marry, was still insisting the day after the election. But I suspect we'll be hearing that argument less and less, as activists embark on fresh ballot campaigns to amend the many state constitutions that now block same-sex marriage. Unless, of course, the Supreme Court intervenes, and tries once again to impose a resolution by short-circuiting the workings of democracy.

I don't claim that voters are always right, or that the people can't make mistakes. By my lights, voters in Maine, Maryland, Washington, and Minnesota made a grave one last week. I believe same-sex marriage is a bad idea. But I also believe that political legitimacy derives from the consent of the governed. "I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves,"wrote Thomas Jefferson after a lifetime in public affairs. "If we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion."

Gay marriage shouldn't be treated as sacrosanct, too lofty for mere politics. Let the debates, the struggles, the compromises, and, yes, the votes continue. Until the people work it out politically, this issue will never be settled. -- TownHall

Free Church: Scotland Government Ignored Its Own Consultation on SSM

The UK Christian Institute:

Attempts by the Scottish Government to protect people who object to same-sex marriage are “unconvincing,” the Free Church of Scotland has said.

The Free Church also said the terms ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ could vanish from official paperwork.

This comes after representatives from the Free Church met with a Government official to discuss the planned legalisation of gay marriage.

... The Free Church of Scotland claims the Government disregarded its own consultation results which showed most Scottish respondents were against legalising same-sex marriage.

Conservative Stars Santorum and Jindal to Join Effort to Oust Pro-SSM Iowa Supreme Court Justice

The Sioux City Journal:

Conservative activists campaigning to defeat Iowa Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins in Iowa’s Nov. 6 judicial retention vote are enlisting the help of some big-name Republicans.

Leaders of Iowans for Freedom, a project of the Pleasant Hill-based Family Leader organization, announced Tuesday that former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum -- who won the Iowa caucus in January -- and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will participate in a statewide “No Wiggins” bus tour designed to focus opposition to judicial activism.

... “The judiciary’s usurpation of authority in recent years is completely unacceptable,” Santorum said in a statement. “It is obviously clear the people’s Constitution gives the judicial branch the least power, and yet these appointed judges continuously legislate from the bench whether it is gay marriage in Iowa, collective bargaining in Wisconsin, or resulting in the death of millions of lives caused by the opinion of Roe v. Wade.”

The “No Wiggins” bus tour -- sponsored by CitizenLink, Patriot Voices, the Family Leader, the National Organization for Marriage and -- seeks to mobilize opposition among Iowa voters to oust Wiggins.

Roy McDonald Constituent: "I Have Not Forgotten Your Vote [for Gay Marriage]"

A constituent of marriage flip-flopper Roy McDonald shares why he intends to vote the way he will:

I keep getting glossy flyers from Roy McDonald ... at least three in the past two weeks. No doubt they are paid for, at least in part, by the contributions he got from New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg for his vote for gay marriage.

That being the case, I continue to wonder why Senator (hopefully soon to be former Senator) McDonald never mentions that vote when he lists his achievements. One must wonder why ... mustn’t one?

If it was “the right thing to do” as he said at the time, then one would think that he should be proud of that achievement. Evidently not. He now sees the handwriting on the wall and values his job more than the “right thing to do,” continuing to “forget” to mention this “right thing.”

... I have not forgotten your vote. And I will not forget when I proudly vote for Kathy Marchione on Sept. 13 in the Republican primary. -- The Record

Turncoat Senators Under Fire! Help Turn Up the Heat!

Email Header Image

Dear Marriage Supporter,

A year ago, I made a promise to the people of New York...

...that I would not rest until the people of New York were given their right to vote on the marriage question...

...and to hold the politicians in Albany accountable for their backroom dealmaking and for selling out their constituents by forcing same-sex marriage on the state.

In particular, we have targeted the four Republican Senators who lied to and betrayed their constituents by flipping their votes at the last moment, thereby ensuring the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Help us hold these turncoat Republicans accountable for their vote to legalize same-sex marriage by making a donation of $500, $100, $50 or even $35 to the NOM NY PAC today.

Donate now

Each of these four Republicans now faces a serious primary challenge for their party's nomination, not to mention their Democratic challengers in the general election.

  • Senator McDonald (Saratoga) is fending off Kathy Marchant;
  • Senator Grisanti (Buffalo) faces both Chuck Swanick and Kevin Stocker;
  • Senator Saland (Poughkeepsie) is running against Neil Di Carlo; and
  • Senator Alesi (Monroe County) may be looking at a serious challenge from Sean Hanna.

In all four races, NOM will highlight their vote to legalize same-sex marriage and make it a key issue in the race. The public WILL know that their incumbent representative betrayed them on marriage and kowtowed to Governor Cuomo's political ambition and down-state Wall Street money.

It wasn't too long ago that these politicians were singing a different tune.

Senator McDonald, when asked about betraying his constituents on marriage, told the voters that they could "shove it."

Senator Alesi bragged at a same-sex marriage rally, "I think I have some new friends," and said that he had to run as a Republican "because I have to be able to say 'you can vote for marriage equality as a Republican and you can survive.'"

It's a stark contrast to hear Mr. Alesi now complaining that "most of us will be wiped out financially after Republican primaries."

Please donate to NOM PAC NY today to help wipe out Senators Alesi, McDonald, Saland, Grisanti and ALL the politicians who sold you out on marriage.

Donate now

NONE of these turncoat Republicans have garnered their party's endorsement. Likewise, NONE of the incumbents have been endorsed by the NY Conservative Party.

My friend, this is HUGE!

We have an amazing opportunity this September 11 to send a resounding message to the Albany establishment: selling out your constituents and marriage will cost you your political career.

We MUST send that message. We CANNOT let them accept huge infusions of same-sex marriage money and buy their way back to Albany.

Senator Grisanti raised almost $250,000 following the same-sex marriage vote last June. Senator Saland raised over $425,000! And most of that came from downstate and out-of-state special interests pushing same-sex marriage.

Help NOM send them a message: THIS ENDS NOW!

Give a generous donation to NOM PAC NY today and we WILL
hold these politicians who sold you out accountable.

Thank you!

Video: Highlights From the LUV (Let Us Vote) Rally in Iowa

Here is a video showcasing some of the best moments of the recent LUV (Let Us Vote) Rally in Iowa, co-sponsored by NOM and featuring our President Brian Brown:

More on the Let Us Vote campaign here.

Video: Brian Brown Fires Up the Let Us Vote Rally in Iowa!

This is (overdue!) video of our President Brian Brown's speech at the LUV (Let Us Vote) Rally in Iowa!

More on the Let Us Vote campaign here.

Slovenia Votes No on Same-Sex Marriage, Overturning Law Adopted by Parliament

The Turtle Bay and Beyond blog (covering international law, policy and institutions):

Yesterday, Slovenia held a post-legislative referendum on the new Family Code that was adopted in the Slovenian parliament in June 2011.

In a popular vote, 55% of voters rejected the new Family Code and 45% supported the law. Turnout was 30% on a sunny Sunday.

The people of Slovenia expressed their belief that motherhood and fatherhood are both unique and represent a fundamental value; for the good of a child,” said Aleš Primc, head of the Civil Initiative that proposed the referendum.

...This was a first referendum of this kind in an EU member state and is likely to become an important point of reference for any further legislation in this area in the region of Central Europe.

... On 3 February 2012 the Civil Initiative delivered well over 40,000 verified signatures, needed to hold a referendum on the new Family Code to the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia.

Following the rejection of the new Family Code at this referendum, this legislation is now scrapped and Slovenia will go back to the drawing board, with a recently established new Slovenian government, and a clear message from the Slovenian people.

Let the people vote!

Hundreds of Marriage Supporters Join Together for Let Us Vote Rally in Iowa!

The Des Moines Register:

Hundreds of conservative Christians crowded the Iowa Capitol this morning in favor of advancing a proposed state constitutional amendment barring same-sex marriage.

The rally and lobbying effort, organized by the conservative advocacy group the Iowa Family Leader and two national groups opposing same-sex marriage, was aimed at the Democrat-controlled Senate, where a proposed amendment has stalled after passage in the Republican House last year.

Organizers instructed rally attendees from across the state to lobby their own state senators, but also to target a handful of Democrats who might be supportive of the amendment and Sen. Michael Gronstal, who as majority leader has its blocked consideration

... Dozens of attendees wore red t-shirts bearing a “Let Us Vote” logo and the web address (The site redirects to the Family Leader’s website.)

... Referring to Senate Democrats’ refusal to advance the amendment and clear the way for a statewide vote, National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown invoked Martin Luther King, Jr., to suggest that it was the opponents of same-sex marriage whose civil rights were threatened.

“We hear that this is about civil rights, and that those of us who oppose the redefinition of marriage are somehow bigots,” Brown said. “And yet, what Dr. Martin Luther King called the most important civil right – the right to vote – these very same folks are trying to deprive us of this right.”

Then and at other points in the rally, the crowd broke into chants of “Let us vote!” that echoed throughout the Capitol.

Pro-SSM Prof. Harrison to Senate Pres. Sweeny: Let The People of New Jersey Have Their Say

Prof. Brigid Callahan Harrison, professor of political science and law at Montclair State University, who supports same-sex marriage, argues against New Jersey Senate Pres. Stephen Sweeny claiming "you don't put people's rights on the ballot, period" by saying he should trust the people of New Jersey:

I'm sorry, Sen. Sweeney, but I don't share your mistrust of the will of the people of New Jersey. Yes, the time is right for marriage equality now.

But the time was right for marriage equality also in 2010. Remember? That year, New Jersey had a lame-duck Democratic governor (Corzine) who urged the Democratic-controlled Legislature to pass a gay-marriage bill for his signature.

Corzine recognized that his imminent successor, Chris Christie, would probably never sign a marriage-equality bill. But the state Senate failed to pass such a measure, with several key Democrats voting against it and Sweeney abstaining.

And so, Sen. Sweeney, your mistrust of the people of New Jersey and their "whims" seems particularly misplaced given your own pusillanimous vote then. You took the road of political cowardice, and now you want another chance.

Her concluding line:

Today in New Jersey, most voters favor a referendum; most voters support the right of gay couples to wed. So to hold the legislative process — the very same legislative process that denied marriage equality two years ago — as superior to the will of the people is a sham.

We disagree with Prof. Harrison about what New Jersey voters believe marriage to be, but praise her for calling out Sweeney and respecting the rights of voters!