NY Attorney: SS Couples Shouldnt Rush into Marriage


CBS New York:

“Well, I am concerned that a lot of people are going to get married because of the emotions of the day and they’re going to make mistakes,” says Hyer. “Of course, with the rewards of a contract, there’s also duties and obligations.”

He says couples need to think long and hard about getting married, and even consider a prenuptial agreement.

“Prenuptial agreements are used to, essentially, shield future spouses’ assets from the other in the event that there is a dissolution of the marriage,” Hyer tells WCBS 880 reporter Catherine Cioffi. “I think when you look at marriage, you also have to think about the exit plan. Over 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, unfortunately, in our society today. I suspect that with same sex couples, it will be the same, or who knows, even more.”