Hadley Arkes on Gay Marriage and Surprises for Liberals


Legal scholar Hadley Arkes predicts where the fight over marriage is headed:

What hasn’t quite dawned yet, even on good liberal citizens, open to novelties in the law, is that same-sex marriage is not the ultimate, culminating end for gay-lesbian activists. It is only an intermediate end, on the way to the state of things even more devoutly to be wished.

... surely even these companies [which require ss employees to be married to receive benefits] must know that the laws on marriage have been challenged by those seeking, not only polygamy, but a right to cohabit in “polyamorous,” sexual relations with an ensemble of persons professing their love. Some companies, like Google and Microsoft, got themselves into this situation with liberal conviction. Other companies simply sought to buy peace.

But they will have now neither peace nor stability. They will either have to open their treasuries to benefits and novelties ever enlarging, or come at last to this recognition: that even they must cast a judgment on the meaning of marriage and the rightful boundaries of the sexual life.