More on the Positive Economic Effect of Two-Biological-Parent Families


In The Public Discourse:

William Jeynes continues his argument about family structure and wellbeing, offering five suggestions on how our nation can regain a healthy marriage culture-and the economic prosperity and personal flourishing that comes with it.

The five suggestions are as follows (in shortened form, click here to read the full article):

[First] Although we should always show compassion toward individuals who suffer from problems unique to non-traditional family structures, divorce, and pre-marital intercourse, none of these should be regarded from a morally neutral standpoint.

Second, in the name of compassion, people should acknowledge the unique challenges faced by children from non-traditional family structures.

Third, American society should stop devaluing fathers and recognize that they are a crucial pillar of the family.

Fourth, American society and particularly certain facets of society, such as Hollywood and the academic world, need to be more responsible in communicating to youth the importance of acting not only with integrity and sensitivity, but also with a prudent view of the long-term consequences of their actions.

Fifth, American society needs to encourage institutions that serve to strengthen the family, including the church and other groups that promote loyalty and justice.

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