NYTimes Interviews Young New Yorkers on Marriage


Some examples:

The New York Times interviewed dozens of people in recent days to get their perspective on the topic. With more teenagers coming out in high school, many said that homosexuality and bisexuality was more mainstream than it was a generation ago. Nevertheless, their gay peers, relatives and siblings still faced challenges. “You’d be surprised at how many young people do not agree with a man-and-man relationship,” said Tara Mercado, 20, whose best friend is bisexual.

... “The institution of marriage as a whole is just a legal state now. There’s no prestige for it,” said Harrison Troyano, 20, a classics major at Hunter College in Manhattan, who said his generation was “jaded.” “People argue about the sanctity of marriage in a religious situation, but we live in a country in which destroys that in more ways than one,” he said...

... But for those who consider themselves religious, Muslims and Roman Catholics in particular, the idea of same-sex marriage was still problematic. “If you want to live together, live together, but getting married, that’s pushing it too far,” said Wilson Valencia, 19, who was raised Catholic in the Bronx.