Gay Married Couples Redefine Fidelity, Too


Why stop at the word marriage? Other words can be redefined as well.  Take "monogamy"and "fidelity."  They call them "San Francisco relationships," as the SF Chronicle is proudly reporting on the release of a new study of over 500 couples. The study, by Colleen Hoff, shows that the majority of gay couples are not monogamous and that "planned infidelity" was good for their relationships -- including marital ones, according to the Chronicle.
The Chronicle reports on a second study by an Oakland gay couple Lanz Lowen and Blake Spears who interviewed 86 couples with at least eight years together in open relationships:

Three out of 4 people described non-monogamy as a positive thing, and said it gave them a sexual outlet without having to lie. Participants reported it helped relationships survive by providing honest options and minimizing deceit, tension and resentment. Some "played" independently, others as a threesome, and about 80 percent agreed to tell all or some details of their encounters, the rest preferring a "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

Sexual fidelity, these "San Francisco" relationships assert is not necessary in marriage.  "At least half those interviewed were married, having taken their vows during one of the two brief times when it was legally sanctioned in the city or the state.

"It's a redefinition of marriage," Spears said.

Yes it is.

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