Lone Pro-SSM Republican Senator in Maryland Still Ignoring His Constituents


The Washington Times reports:

[Maryland Sen. Allan Kittleman] was the only one of 55 Republican state legislators who spoke out in favor of a gay-marriage bill that passed the Senate but died in the House because of seemingly unanimous Republican opposition and resistance from nearly one-third of Democrats.

... Party colleagues have expressed disappointment in mostly reverent tones, but Mr. Kittleman has insisted that feedback has been about 60 percent supportive within his mostly Republican district. He says much of the support has come from younger Republicans.


... Delegate Warren E. Miller, Howard Republican who serves two-thirds of Mr. Kittleman’s district, said the residents who contacted him during last session’s debate “overwhelmingly” opposed to gay marriage.

“It wasn’t a bunch of form letters. It was probably one of the highest amounts of contact for any piece of legislation i’ve ever dealt with,” said Mr. Miller, a delegate since 2003.

Maybe Mr. Killteman should make sure he's checking his messages.

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