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MinnPost: NOM Vows to Spent $500K to Defeat GOP Legislators Who Vote for Gay Marriage

Minnesota legislators who may face a vote on legalizing gay marriage have a new consideration on the issue.

In addition to listening to their consciences and constituents, they now have word from the National Organization for Marriage that the national group will spend $500,000 to defeat any Republican legislator who votes for gay marriage.

And the group will support any DFL legislators who vote against it.

"Marriage is not a partisan issue, and NOM does not hesitate to oppose weak Republicans and support strong Democrats," said Brian Brown, NOM president.

The group is initially targeting GOP state Sen. Branden Petersen, who last week said he's planning to co-sponsor a gay marriage bill.

AP: Analysis Shows GOP Legislators Who Support SSM Lose Their Seats

An important news story by Patrick Condon in the Associated Press confirms what we have been highlighting for a long time -- Republicans who betray their base on marriage place their political future in serious jeopardy:

As some Republicans in the Minnesota Legislature weigh whether to support legalizing same-sex marriage, an analysis of gay-marriage votes from other states shows that GOP lawmakers who backed it often faced consequences, including loss of their seats.

... Republicans inclined to back gay marriage face risks.

"It was largely responsible for my loss," said Jean White, a former Republican state senator in Colorado whose 2011 vote for civil unions became an issue in a primary challenge by a fellow Republican...

According to roll call votes, in the eight times nationwide that state legislatures voted for gay marriage, just 47 Republicans bucked the party line out of many hundreds who voted against it.

Of those 47 Republicans who voted yes starting in 2009, 21 are in office today.

In New York, one of four Republican senators who supported gay marriage is still in the Legislature. One lost a primary, one retired, and one lost the general election after narrowly winning a bitter primary.

A New Hampshire Republican representative lost a primary after her 2009 vote for gay marriage, and in Maryland the former Senate Republican leader relinquished his leadership post when he started working with Democrats on a gay-marriage bill that passed last year.

"I got a lot of flak, a lot," said that senator, Allan Kittleman. He's planning to leave the Senate this year to run for a county office instead.

In Washington, which passed gay marriage in 2012, two of six Republicans who backed the bill are no longer in office.

"Iconic" Annapolis, Maryland Trolley Forced to Shut Down Because of SSM

The Baltimore Sun:

An Annapolis company whose old-fashioned trolleys are iconic in the city's wedding scene has abandoned the nuptial industry rather than serve same-sex couples.

The owner of Discover Annapolis Tours said he decided to walk away from $50,000 in annual revenue instead of compromising his Christian convictions when same-sex marriages become legal in Maryland in less than a week. And he has urged prospective clients to lobby state lawmakers for a religious exemption for wedding vendors.

... Wedding vendors elsewhere who refused to accommodate same-sex couples have faced discrimination lawsuits — and lost. Legal experts said Discover Annapolis Tours sidesteps legal trouble by avoiding all weddings.

... The trolley company's decision, publicized by a straight groom offended by what he called "repressive bigotry," offers a snapshot of a local business navigating a new landscape in Maryland's wedding industry, and leaving it behind for a competitor to swoop in.

The head of the Maryland Wedding Professionals Association said the trolley company is the second vendor to refuse business over the state's same-sex marriage law, which voters upheld in November. The Maryland clergyman who led opposition to same-sex marriage called the trolley company's choice to abandon profits on principle "gutsy" and predicted that more businesses would quietly follow suit.

... Frank Schubert, the political strategist who ran campaigns against same-sex marriage in Maryland and three other states this year, said opponents predicted collateral damage from legalizing same-sex unions.

"This is exactly what happens," Schubert said, adding that religious liberty is "right in the cross hairs of this debate. … The law doesn't protect people of faith. It simply doesn't."

Schubert pointed to a handful of other examples publicized in news reports across the country of wedding vendors sued for refusing to accommodate a same-sex ceremony: a pair of Vermont innkeepers, a New Jersey church group and a New Mexico wedding photographer.

It Begins: Christian Wedding Vendor in Maryland Forced to Shut Down Over SSM

The ballot shown to Maryland voters used 25 words to described the redefinition of marriage but over 70 words claiming false religious exemptions for people and institutions who disagree with redefined marriage.

Sure enough, as we warned, citizens in Maryland who disagree with redefined marriage are now being forced out of the public square and are NOT protected under the redefining marriage law passed in Maryland:

An Annapolis wedding vendor plans to ask Maryland's General Assembly to give his company and others like him the right to refuse services to gay couples on religious grounds.

In November, Marylanders voted to uphold a law, passed by the General Assembly during the 2012 legislative session, that legalized same-sex marriages starting Jan. 1.

"The law exempts my minister from doing same-sex weddings, and the Knights of Columbus don’t have to rent out their hall for a gay wedding reception, but somehow my religious convictions don’t count for anything," Discover Annapolis Tours owner Matt Grubbs wrote in an email.

The email was provided to Patch by Chris Belkot on Nov. 29. He received it from Grubbs after Belkot inquired about using the company's wedding services this spring.

Grubbs confirmed the email, and said his attorney advised him to shut down the wedding part of his business immediately because he could be sued for refusing services to same-sex couples.

"We’re a Christian-owned company, and we just can't support gay marriages," Grubbs said. "We're not trying to make a statement. We're not trying to make a point. We're just trying to be faithful Christians."

The decision will cost him approximately $50,000 a year in revenue. -- Annapolis Patch

Mainwaring: SSM Victories "Tactical Wins, Not a Sea Change"

Doug Mainwaring, a gay tea party activist and writer, notes the "thin margins for same-sex marriage" in deep blue states and concludes:

"...In my home state, Maryland, a minimum of 23% [100% - (37%/48%) = 23%] of the opposition to same-sex marriage came from Obama/Biden supporters. Earlier in the year, the Maryland House of Delegates only narrowly passed same-sex marriage legislation with just one vote to spare, and that only came with lots of arm-twisting.

These are not overwhelming victories representing a sea change in public attitude toward same-sex marriage. These are tactical wins." -- AmericanThinker

Post-Marriage Election Round-Up: Statements from (Arch)bishops and Catholic Conferences -- Disappointment, Gratitude, Resolve

From the Marriage, Unique for a Reason blog run by the U.S. Bishops:

In addition to Archbishop Cordileone’s statement expressing disappointment about the results of the four marriage referenda, Archbishops, Bishops, and Catholic Conferences in the four states where voters voted to redefine marriage on Tuesday have released statements. Their words echo Cardinal Dolan’s conviction, expressed in a statement released after the election: “We will continue to stand in defense of life, marriage, and our first, most cherished liberty, religious freedom.”

Read the statements by the Catholic bishops and Catholic conferences in the four states here.

More Baltimore Ravens Players Stand Up for Biblical Marriage

The Christian Post:

Maryland voters approved same sex-marriage by popular vote Tuesday, a move that has been a cause for debate for Christian Baltimore Ravens safety Bernard Pollard and some of his teammates.

Pollard, 27-year-old NFL safety, said many of his teammates agree with his biblical standpoint on the subject of same-sex marriage.

"When it's all said and done, there are a lot of guys on this team that stand firmly behind what the Bible says -- that a man marries a woman and a woman marries a man," Pollard said in a Mercury News report.

Pollard said he felt that people in power were reshaping important societal principles.

"It shows you that people in high power are changing what was set for a very long time," Pollard said in the Mercury News piece. "These are the principles, man, this is what life is about. But when it's all said and done, they came in and changed it."

Maryland Archbishop: We Must "Redouble Our Efforts to Defend Marriage"

Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore, MD:

"The election results on same-sex marriage should serve as a “wake up call” for Catholics, Archbishop Lori said, demonstrating “our need to redouble our efforts to defend marriage, to preach about what marriage is, and to help people understand it as a unique relationship that does not discriminate against anyone, but is for the good of children and for the good of our society.”

Catholics can continue to work to uphold traditional marriage by strengthening their own marriages and family life, he added.

... A strong advocate of traditional marriage, Baltimore Archbishop William E. Lori was among the campaign’s most vocal leaders. He was disappointed to see voters approve same-sex marriage, he said.

“I think that vote will prove not to have been for the common good of our state,” Archbishop Lori said.

The Maryland Catholic Conference, which advocates for public policy on behalf of the state’s bishops, joined the Maryland Marriage Alliance in efforts to overturn the law. Archbishop Lori praised the advocates’ work over the past year.

“So much hard work went into this, and I’m very, very grateful to everyone who worked so hard,” he said. “We will continue to witness to the values of marriage as understood as the union of one man and one woman, as the most sound, secure and loving way to bring children into the world.”

NOM's Peters: "Turnout" Key to Defending Marriage

Charlie Butts at OneNewsNow:

Maryland, Maine, Minnesota and Washington state are voting to protect marriage or to redefine it to be a genderless institution. As Thomas Peters of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) notes, the campaign is in the final hours.

"This is all about getting out the vote and turning out people," he contends. "There's been a lot of focus on polling in all these four states, but the line I keep using -- and it's the truth -- is that the polls don't matter. Hard work and who votes matter. Those are who win elections."

... Peters submits there are three keys to gaining success in all four states Tuesday: "turnout, turnout, turnout."

Today is Election Day: How To Protect Marriage!

If you live in one of the four states voting on marriage today here is how to protect it!

Video: Matt Birk on Voting Against Question 6

Via the Maryland Catholic Conference:

Baltimore Ravens has been a champion of marriage and encourages Marylanders to uphold marriage as a union between one man and one woman. It is possible to be tolerant of the rights of others without redefining the legal definition of marriage. Vote AGAINST Question 6.

Video: Maryland Pastors' News Conference Opposing Question 6

From the description:

Rev. Derek McCoy, Bishop Angel Nunez, Pastor John K. Jenkins, Dr. Frank Reid and other prominent faith leaders in Maryland express their support of marriage as a union between one man and one woman

Beltsville, Md. -- Pastors of diverse faith communities in Maryland will join to make their collective voices heard in urging Marylanders to vote against Question 6, which is also known as the same-sex referendum. The leaders strongly believe that people of faith not only have a right to speak out on issues that impact culture, but they also have a responsibility. Because of the importance that they place on this responsibility, the faith leaders have encouraged their congregants to be active and engaged citizens by registering to vote and speak out on issues of civic and moral importance. They encourage justice for the voiceless as they did for the murder victim Trayvon Martin. They have also recently advocated on behalf of the persecuted by demanding that Dr. Angela McCaskill be reinstated to her position at Gallaudet University after being suspended for signing the Maryland marriage petition. These faith leaders continue to be involved in a broad range of issues, making sure that moral matters facing voters in the upcoming election are addressed.

SMOnline: "Many African-Americans Voting Against Same-Sex Marriage"

Southern Maryland Online:

At one predominantly African-American church in east Baltimore, many members are campaigning against the legalization of same-sex marriage, but still planning to vote for President Barack Obama, despite his endorsement of same-sex marriage in May.

African-Americans make up a quarter of the Maryland's electorate, and could make or break the vote for same-sex marriage in November. Many are being guided by their church leaders to vote against the legislation, but also by their communities to vote for an African-American president who has supported same-sex marriage.

"I believe what the bible says. I can't see myself preaching anything against what it says," said Pastor John Robertson, but, "Everyone should vote for candidates that fit their belief system."

Robertson, of Kingdom Light Ministries, preaches from a converted nursery room on the second floor of a school center. He felt called by God to begin a church six years ago, and now leads the roughly 70-person African-American congregation each week in services, with help from most of his family.

Many are voting for Obama and against Question 6.

Brad Pitt Donates $100K to Gay Marriage! We Can Fight Back!

Email Header Image

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Did you hear the news? Brad Pitt just gave $100,000 to the four campaigns fighting to impose gay marriage next Tuesday.

What's even more distressing is that Brad Pitt's own mother Jane Pitt has been the subject of death threats and a torrent of public abuse for speaking out against gay marriage, and yet her son has still chosen to double down by pushing gay marriage on the rest of the country!

I can hardly think of a better example of a liberal millionaire trying to impose his Hollywood values on all of us, no matter the consequences.

Let's fight back!

Our Stand for Marriage America campaign, which directly funds the four campaigns fighting to protect marriage, has raised almost $100,000, from almost 1,000 donors! Can I count on you to give $10, $100 or even $1,000 today?

Your contribution will help determine who has the final say on gay marriage: the $100,000 Brad Pitt just gave...or the $100,000 we raise from hundreds of pro-marriage activists like you!

This will be our last chance to fight back against the Brad Pitts of the world through Stand For Marriage America. Can I count on you to chip in at least $10 or as much as you can spare right away?

Together, we can fight back against Hollywood millionaires like Brad Pitt and, with your help, we can protect the values they are attempting to dismantle and obscure.

So please join me in standing up for marriage and for pro-marriage citizens like Jane Pitt by donating generously to these four state efforts.

Thank you for all your generosity. We are so close!

Archdiocese of Washington, DC Video: Vote Against Question 6

A new video from the Archdiocese of Washington, DC (which includes parts of Maryland) urges Catholics to Vote Against Question 6: