Gay Activists Threaten to Boycott Shoemaker New Balance over Romney Signing NOM Marriage Pledge


ABC News reports on gay activists' ricochet strategy of boycotting any business that supports someone who promises to protect marriage:

It’s not easy being a Super PAC donor.

Especially if you’re giving to the pro-Mitt Romney Super PAC – “Restore Our Future” – which in just one week has seen two donors receive flack for their contributions.

... this week, the president of the popular shoe company New Balance issued a statement distancing the brand from a $500,000 donation made to the PAC by the company’s chairman, Jim Davis, after threats of boycotts emerged.

The statement from Rob DeMartini came after customers unhappy with Romney’s recent support of a marriage pledge opposing gay marriage threatened to boycott New Balance.

Scott Rose, a gay marriage activist, penned an open-letter to New Balance, which concludes:

I have no idea whether you are going to choose to do the right thing, Jim and [his wife] Anne, but I can promise you that if you don’t, I together with LGBT rights activists around the world will do everything we can to see New Balance boycotted.