University of North Carolina: Government-Approved Theology on Gay Issues


Columnist Mike Adams at Town Hall comments:

The campus left [at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington] keeps handing me more material to write about in my weekly column. The endless supply of column-worthy madness is fueled by the endless degree of hypocrisy in the name of campus diversity. That isn’t surprising because our campus has not just one but five diversity offices. And it really makes you wonder what these people sit around and do all day while the government is going bankrupt by over-spending your money.

In the case of our LGBTQIA Office, the answer is simple: they investigate and then endorse churches based on their stance on homosexuality. And they print lists of approved gay-friendly churches using official university letter-head. Then they circulate their approved church list on state-owned computers to other state employees who then recommend the approved churches to their students.