VA Legislator: "On SSM, O'Malley Should Heed O'Brien"


Bob Marshall writes in the Baltimore Sun:

"... As a Catholic, a 20-year member of the Virginia General Assembly, the author of Virginia's 2006 voter-approved one-man, one-woman Constitutional Marriage Amendment, and a graduate ofMaryland public schools, I take issue with Gov. Martin O'Malley's insinuation that Baltimore's archbishop should remain silent while the governor attempts to alter marriage — nature's most fundamental relationship for mankind.

... The governor said the bishop had a right to define and administer Catholic Sacraments. I believe Governor O'Malley, who is challenging 6,000 years of Western religious and moral teaching, has an obligation to define same-sex marriage, and explain how he intends to administer same-sex legal status when this radical change impacts the rest of us.

If so-called same sex-marriage becomes a "civil right" in Maryland, the family, the building block of society, will be negatively impacted. Tax exemptions of objecting churches and private schools will eventually be revoked, as will their licenses to place children for adoption and foster care. Schools will be required to promote (not just tolerate) homosexuality, as many already do."