Rick Santorum Versus Piers Morgan!


Rick appeared on CNN. Naturally, following the new script Byron York points out, Piers wants to talk about homosexuality.

Making religion and religious people a "wedge" issue in the campaign is the new script and boy is Piers on message.

Rick's finish is particularly strong--when Piers wants to say 'I'm a Catholic," and I'm with the times' he comes back with this magnificent counter-punch:

"Santorum: Piers, Piers, I don’t think the truth changes. I don’t think right and wrong change based on different eras of time. There are some truths that are in fact eternal and are truth and based on nature and nature’s law. And that’s what the church teaches, that’s what the Bible teaches, and that’s what reason dictates. And if you look at it from all of those perspectives, I think it’s a legitimate point of view. I certainly respect people who disagree with it. But I don’t call them bigoted because they disagree with me."

Rick Santorum is one of the best men in American politics, or America.