"Bordering on Bigotry" -- CNN's Piers Morgan Attacks Santorum's Marriage Beliefs



In the course of drilling Rick Santorum on homosexuality, CNN’s Piers Morgan accused the presidential candidate’s views of “bordering on bigotry” and challenged him as a fellow Catholic with different beliefs on the issue.

... “I had Piers Morgan call me a bigot, because I believe what the Catholic Church teaches with respect to homosexuality. I’m a ‘bigot’!” Santorum exclaimed.

“And, of course, we don’t elect bigots to office, we don’t give them professional licenses, we don’t give them preferential tax treatment. If you’re a preacher and you preach bigoted things, you think you’re going to be allowed to have a 501(c)3 as a church? Of course not.”

The exchange was picked up on the Catholic blogosphere, where commentators criticized Morgan for targeting the basic tenets of the Catholic Catechism.