NY Press Takes Note of NOM Billboard Campaign Against Pro-SSM Senators; "This is Not Going to End" Brian Brown Vows


The Capital Confidential:

This simple but cutting message has gone up on Rt. 40 in Schaghiticoke, Rensselaer County, just in time for the county fair there:

The New York Daily News adds much more:

The National Organization for Marriage plans to place billboards in the districts of four GOP state senators who broke ranks and voted to legalize gay marriage in June.

"Roy McDonald, You're Fired," screams the group's first billboard, which went up recently in the district of Albany-area Sen. Roy McDonald.

"This is not going to end," vowed NOM President Brian Brown, who said the group is spending about $40,000 on the initial run of billboards.

In the coming weeks, the group hopes to have billboards in the districts of Sens. Mark Grisanti of Buffalo, Stephen Saland of Dutchess County and James Alesi of upstate Monroe County.

The billboards are the latest salvo in the marriage group's ongoing campaign to defeat pro-same-sex senators in the 2012 election - and ultimately force a statewide referendum on the issue.

In July, the group spent $150,000 on mailings targeting voters in districts of senators who supported gay marriage.

"This is what this campaign is going to be from here on out," Brown said. "We are not going to rest until the people of this state get a vote."

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