Watching the Vote


Brian is in NY-9, with the Turner Victory (We Hope!) Party. Watch with us online!

David Weigel over at Slate offers a guide to results:

I'll be following the elections all night on this page. Do you want to see results? Of course you do.

NY-09 is here.

NV-02 is here.

NY-09 is going to be the story of the night, the one that Democrats have tried to bail out as David Weprin's momentum has stuttered. The raw totals from the AP won't be terribly useful; my friend David Wasserman has broken down the district in a more illustrative way.

Woodhaven/Ozone Park, Queens - The lowest-turnout region of the district, but the one where Barack Obama did best in 2008 -- 73 percent of the vote.

Forest Hills/Rego Park, Queens - This is the strong, diverse Democratic base of the district, where Barack Obama won 66 percent of the vote while winning district-wide by 10 points.

Fresh Meadows/Kew Garden Hills, Queens - Obama's last stronghold, where he won 64 percent of the vote.

Middle Village/Maspeth/Glendale, Queens - Obama won only 50 percent here, a bastion of ethnic (Italian) white voters.

Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn - Obama won 42 percent of the vote here. Watch these precincts for signs of a Turner rout.

Marine Park/Rockaway Beach/Howard Beach, Brooklyn/Queens - The GOP stronghold, which swung to Republicans after 9/11 and delivered 76 percent of the vote for McCain in 2008.